Saturday, October 27, 2012

Journey to Hong Kong

We didn't stick around in Hekou for very long, and after a late night disassembling the tandem into a few holdalls, by 10am the next morning we were on a long distance to bus to Kunming. After 5 weeks watching endless crazy bus drivers squeeze past us in their beat up vehicles on narrow roads, we were a little nervous about what the next 10 hours might have in store. It turned out, however, that our bus was modern and clean, the driver suitably cautious and the whole journey was a remarkably civilised affair.

From Kunming, we took an overnight train to Guangzhou. After our adventures on the bike, the 32 hour train ride was a much less daunting experience than it had seemed on our way to Beijing. It too passed without incident, and after some rather drawn out immigration procedures, we were on the fast train across the border and into the heart of Hong Kong.

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