Monday, October 1, 2012

Mt. Four Sisters

Today was the big climb up and over Mt. Four Sisters. After seeing almost no sign of outdoor recreation, let alone cyclists, for the past 1000 miles, we were stunned to find ourselves part of a steady stream of cyclists tackling the climb. The tandem was a big hit, particularly with the cycling clubs from the nearby cities, and we were cajoled into many group photos with their team banners.

Part way up the long climb, the clouds parted and we had some stunning views of the jagged peaks around us. By the time we reached the top (4481m, another new tandem record!), however, it was wet and nasty, and we couldn't descend fast enough to the warmer, drier and more oxygenated air in the valley.

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  1. Nice photos, guys. Good luck with the journey.

    (Hey, what about posting the location you're at so we the readers could keep track of where you are? With this post I was able to google Mt Four Sisters, but otherwise it's tough to know where you are!).

    All the best,