Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ger Camp

We'd worried that our stay at a 'traditional' ger camp would turn out to be touristy and cheesy, but that couldn't have been further from the truth. Sara and Baggy live in a handful of ger tents, where they keep horses and cattle, and for the two days we stayed with them, we joined in with their daily lives.

We'd read that Mongolian cuisine consists almost solely of meat and dairy products, with no vegetables, and that proved to be right. We helped Sara make cream, yogurt and dried yogurt biscuits, as well as 'buuz', the national dish of mutton dumplings.

By the second day, Steve was worried that the camp's very rugged Mongolia horsemen were starting to look at him strangely for joining in the women's work. Fortunately he was able to redeem himself in their eyes by helping to chop firewood and erect an additional ger. We were also proud of ourselves for demonstrating sufficient horsemanship that Baggy allowed us to head off into the plains on our own.

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