Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Haircut

Sara mentioned that a nearby family was hosting a 'coming of age' party for their son, and that we were invited. It wasn't until we arrived that we realised how important an occasion this was.

The ger was crammed with the extended family plus guests, with the family head in traditional dress commanding over the proceedings. They had prepared an enormous feast, with a complete roast sheep (still looking very much like a sheep), an enormous pile of dried yogurt (looking like a far more appetising pile of biscuits), 'khorkhog' (mutton cooked in an urn with hot stones), plus some token pickles.

The main event was each person in turn cutting a lock of the very timid-looking child's hair. Throughout the proceedings, there was much toasting, accompanied by boisterous singing, no doubt fuelled by the many shots of Russian vodka that were served up.

Most remarkable of all was the hospitality shown to us outsiders.

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