Thursday, November 15, 2012

Final statistics

Since leaving London, we've ...

  • covered 27,100km (14,400km by train, 8,700km by boat and 4,000km by bike)
  • taken 14 trains, 2 boats and 1 bike (with only 1 puncture)
  • passed through 11 countries (and had our passports checked about 2700 times)
  • received 2 certificates from Neptune for 'crossing the line' in the Pacific
  • peaked at an altitude of 4481m
  • encountered 10 languages (of which we spoke only 3)
  • taken 3500 photos (of which 1700 were worth keeping)
  • made 1 emergency visit to a doctor
  • given a boy his first haircut in a Mongolian ger
  • shown off the tandem to admiring crowds in countless Chinese villages
  • danced at a floating Filipino BBQ party under the stars


  1. I'm a friend of a friend and I don't know you but I'm so proud to be able to share your adventure from afar. Continued good luck and good health!

  2. Dear Stephanie and Steve, I finally caught up on your London - Sidney blog and am filled with awe by your adventurous and challenging undertakings, one after the other :). Thanks for sharing, and good luck exploring more of Australia. Was wonderful seeing you again this weekend, Stephanie, and hope to see you both again soon. Selina